Frequent Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is The DAY Program?

For 30 years, The DAY Program has been helping at-risk adolescents of Shelby County become better citizens. The program’s main purpose is to provide individual and group counseling in a caring and confidential environment with an individualized academic plan for each student. The DAY Program provides academic opportunities for students who have experienced little success in a regular school setting and serves as an alternative to suspension and expulsion. To learn more about history of The DAY Program, click here.

Where is The DAY Program located?

The DAY Program is located on the 2nd floor of the Alabaster YMCA Building. The address is 117 Plaza Circle, Alabaster, AL 35007. For more detailed directions, please click here.

Who should be referred to The DAY Program?

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Referrals are made by school counselors, principals, headmasters, and assistant principals: (Shelby County, Alabaster City, Private, and Home Schools), by the Juvenile Court authorities, Chilton-Shelby Mental Health or other welfare agencies, and by parent request.

What happens at The DAY Program academically?

The DAY Program offers instruction in middle and high school core subject areas through the 11th grade. It also has remedial and credit recovery instruction. All teachers at the DAY Program are highly qualified in their field. Counselors at the Program teach elective courses designed to improve coping skills, employability, and other life skills training.

What is The DAY Program’s Code of Conduct?

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The DAY Program’s Code of Conduct generally follows the Shelby County School Code of Conduct. The DAY Program utilizes behavior modification with a system of rewards and consequences based on a point system.

What is the GED program at The DAY Program?

Students in the GED program are assigned individual counselors and receive individual counseling as needed. This is a short-term consideration for students seeking to earn any form of high school credit for the last time. Referrals are made using the same referral process as The DAY Program’s traditional setting.

What happens after a student completes The DAY Program?

Students at the DAY Program typically stay one year. Upon completion of the Program, the majority of students return to their home or prior school to complete their studies. Some students will elect to apply to the Shelby County Career and College Center or the Alabaster City Schools ACES Program. Any student who is not on track academically, and is 17 years of age at the completion of their one year, may apply to the GED Program at DAY.

Does The DAY Program offer any scholarships to students who complete the program?

Yes! Each student who has completed The DAY Program is eligible to apply for a scholarship to use in order to further his or her educational pursuit. Scholarship money is provided by a fund established by the Board of Directors in association with the Alabaster-Pelham Rotary Club.

Is The DAY Program really successful?

The DAY Program has demonstrated success in academic remediation, behavioral modification, and in serving as an alternative to suspension and expulsion. The attendance rate is around 90% and the success rate is calculated at 95%.

Is The DAY Program wheelchair accessible?

Yes! The DAY Program's new location is equipped with handicapped parking, sidewalk ramps, an elevator, and handicapped accessible restrooms.

How can I donate to The DAY Program?

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Our Mission & Vision

To become the premier alternative educational and clinical services program
for at-risk youth in Shelby County, Alabama, by providing a pathway for success.